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Why Re-keying Your Property Is A Good Idea

Re-keying ensures that no one else will have a copy of your key i.e: previous tenants.

It is an affordable way to change your keys to a one key entry system.

We don't replace working locks. We re-key them to match one key meaning you save on parts and this is a considerable saving.

Having one key to enter multiple doors like your front, back and garage is so much easier than carrying around a bunch of keys.


In the event that you lose or break a key, it's easy to replace one key instead of having to replace them all.

We have a fixed price re-key system so what you get quoted is what you will pay. 

Locks Changed Brisbane

Change Locks Brisbane

The term getting the "locks changed" does not necessarily mean all locks have to be fully replaced.


Most of the locks on today's market can be re-keyed instead of having to completely replace the lock.


Re-keying as much as possible can save the customer hundreds of dollars.

This Ensures the old keys will no longer work in the original lock, only the new keys will. 

Locks can be serviced maintained and adjusted on site, ensuring most work can be completed as same day service.

How much to change locks in Brisbane?

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Secure your home

Need a price? just give us a call and our friendly staff can quote straight on the phone. Alternatively send us an email and we can easily provide you a price to change, replace and re-key your locks.  

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