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A road warning sign against a stormy sky

Advertising On the top page of google in Brisbane and Nation wide around Australia. 


These Scammers are a criminal organisation posing as Locksmith companies and Advertising super cheap service calls. however once on site the price shoots up far more than what a qualified locksmith in Brisbane would normally charge. 

These fake Locksmith scam companies will send unskilled, unqualified clowns with no Australian qualifications or security license to your door.  

These Lock Scammers will use other companies names and Abn numbers on the invoices. these scammers lack the skill to do even the very basic tasks a qualified locksmith can do. 

Would you honestly want a lock scammer having keys to your home?


INTREPID Locksmiths is not a scam, Our Locksmiths served 4 year apprenticeships here in Brisbane. We have Security licenses and all the necessary insurances required to work here in Brisbane.

Please support your Local Locksmiths and research before you end up as another target by these criminals

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